TRIGO is powered by the industry's best talent, who often started in entry level positions, seized opportunities, and built satisfying careers.

  • “I took this job so I could have the flexibility to tend to my dad, who had cancer. After he passed, I chose to stay. I like it because there is never a dull moment.”

    Corey Watson, from Inspector to Supervisor in 1 year

    Corey Watson
  • "It's never the end of the line. You can always move up in the company."

    Jami Dillinger, from Inspector to Supervisor in two years

    Jamie Dillinger
  • “TRIGO was meant to just be a pit stop. I didn't intend for it to be a career. Leadership saw my potential and I kept accelerating up the ladder. Now I look for that potential in my people.”

    Jeremiah Stewart, from Inspector to Site Lead to Supervisor in three years

    Jeremiah Stewart
  • “If you’re looking for opportunity, to build your 'toolbox', and explore your true potential, this is the place to do it.”

    Jason Oliver, from Inspector to Area Manager in 10 years

    Jason Oliver
  • "The hours are flexible, there is a lot of room for promotion, and an ability to travel or relocate if you want to."

    James Barnard, from Inspector to Site Lead in 11 years

    James Barnard
  • “Coming from the Navy, I think TRIGO is a great fit for former military. The comradery and mission-oriented work reminds me of the best parts of the military.”

    Joseph Hicks, from Site Supervisor to Site Manager in 6 years

    Joseph Hicks
  • “Be prepared to challenge yourself and meet exceptional people.”

    Dustin Schlesselman, from Inspector to Supervisor in 5 years

    Dustin Schlesselman
  • "TRIGO is global, but still has that small company vibe."

    Travis Smith, from Inspector to Site Manager in 3 years

    Travis Smith
  • “If you want to advance or relocate to a different facility, it is all there for you. The world is your oyster here — it is what you put into it.”

    Carolyn McKean, from CMM Trainer to Site Manager in 9 years

    Carolyn McKean
  • "It's exciting to watch people grow in the company. I tell new employees about all the success stories and you can just see their eyes light up."

    Julie Goodwin, from Quality Resource Coordinator to Staffing Manager in 18 years

    Julie Goodwin
  • “Every day offers new challenges and the opportunity to learn and grow in a supportive environment.”

    Matt Thurman, from entry level Quality Engineer to US General Manager in 16 years

    Matt Thurman


The TRIGO team works with the world’s top automotive, aerospace, and heavy transportation manufacturers, often stationed along the assembly line.



More than 10,000 people around the world have found their path to both personal and professional fulfillment.


Whether you are new to the job market, considering a new industry, interested in earning extra income from part-time work, ready to make a full-time career change, or looking for a new challenge, TRIGO is looking for you!


TRIGO benefits vary based on region, and can include healthcare insurance (medical, dental, vision, short-term disability, life, critical illness, accident), free virtual doctor visits, 401K retirement program, vacation and sick pay, tuition reimbursement, DailyPay, travel opportunities, flexible work schedules, annual pay increases, referral bonuses, and employee discounts.


See the individual job postings for benefits related to that specific opportunity.

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